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The Cidsin

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The Scots are discerning people. They love life and equally love the best that life has to offer. Whilst they keenly look to the future, they never forget their roots and traditions. The Cidsin of Rablogan Castle is no exception and is dedicated to preparing those fine Highland traditional meals and treats.

The Cidsin of Rablogan Castle is now proud to be able to offer the true flavour of the Scottish Highlands to you with a selection of the finest traditional Highland Shortbread, biscuits and other baked goods. To accompany these treats, we are also offering for the first time, the Castle's private selection of fairtrade plantation whole bean coffees.

In true Scottish fashion, the staff are very concerned to ensure that you truly get the taste of the Highlands. Accordingly, we only bake twice per week (Monday & Tuesday)and ship the next day Tuesday & Wednesday). We always ship via USPS Priority Mail, Fedex Home Delivery or UPS Second Day whichever is going to be the quicker. We just don't want you to wait!

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