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Our Scottish Cheese Selection

Highland Fine Cheese
Tain, Inverness

Tain Cheddar
The best Cheddar in Tain
Nutty and sweet on the palate with a juicy bite and milky texture, this naturally pale Cheddar is cloth bound and traditionally matured for at least a year, giving it a lingering finish punctuated by a hint of fresh sea air.
Undisputedly the best in Tain, this Cheddar is perfect with pickle and crusty bread.

Strathdon Blue
Butter cream icing on the nose; voluptuous maturity on the palate
More complex than most Blues with bold cracks and streaks, this creamy, juicy cheese yields to the touch and fills the mouth with a delightfully fudgy texture, finishing on balanced notes of salt and steel. You need nothing more than a simple cracker or chunk of crusty loaf.

A Chieftain’s Cheese with a warning

Washed rind, high butter fat content and rolled in pinhead oatmeal, Caboc has medieval Highland roots in the ‘chieftain’s cheese’ created by Mariota de Ile who took the thick cream from the milk and matured it in barrels, instead of churning it into butter.
We don’t know whether the Chieftain died in battle or from consuming too much Caboc, so this cheese comes with a warning: a little goes a long way!

Black Crowdie
Packs a peppery punch

Dense, dry curd cheese rolled in cracked black pepper and springy oatmeal. Gritty and aromatic on the palate with a spicy kick, this little cheese (Gruth Dhu in Gaelic) packs a peppery punch on your oatcakes, hot buttered toast with eggs, or on top of a perfect fillet steak.

Cambus O'May Cheese Co.
Ballater, Aberdeenshire

Cambus O’May
Our signature cheese - pale & strong
Milk Unpasturised Cow’s Milk
Rennet Traditional
Category British Cow - Hard
Rind Cloth
A Scottish Institution returns, a unique hand-made cheese, recreated as it was. This hand-pressed, two day curd cheese melts in your mouth and has a finish that has you dreaming of days gone by. A lovely marbled effect can be seen when the cheese is cut. It has strong dairy and rustic mountain flavours and a uniquely creamy texture

Fresh, nutty & slightly savoury

Milk Unpateurised cow's milk
Rennet Traditional (plus annatto colouring)
Category British Cow - hard
Rind Painted
Made byAlex Reid
Gold medal winning Lochnagar is matured for 4 months. The cheese has a real creamy texture and a nutty, and slightly savoury flavour

Auld Reekie
A delicately smoked

Milk Unpasteurised cow's milk
Rennet Traditional
Category British Cow - hard
Rind Salt rub
Made by Alex Reid
Inspired by the local smoking methods used to make distinctive speciality foods in Royal Deeside, this lightly smoked hand made cheese has all the flavour of a traditional farmhouse cheese with a delicate whisky and wood finish.

Cheese with a nip!

Milk Unpasteurised cow’s milk
Rennet Traditional
Category British Cow - hard
Rind Salted
Made byAlex Reid
Flavour The more subtle flavours of the cheese leads you to the sharper edge from the whisky which lingers beautifully on the palate. We dare you to try just one bite!

Auld Lochnagar
Fresh, nutty & slightly savoury with a bit of aging

Milk Unpasteurised cow’s milk
Rennet Traditional
Category British Cow - hard
Rind Salted
Made byAlex Reid
Flavour The award-winning Auld Lochnagar, matured up to 12 months, has all the strengths of maturity. The cheese is nutty and slightly savoury and really develops in depth of flavour and character as it becomes older - a real mountain of a cheese!

St.Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company.
Pittenwean, Antruther

St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar
A rich, buttery cheese with a golden yellow curd. Crumbly, yet creamy in texture, this cheese is tangy, salty and full of complex character with well balanced acidity and a real depth of flavour that lingers. A taste of the pastureland. Recent awards include Best Dairy Product in the Scotland Food and Drink Awards 2018; Silver in the World Cheese Awards 2018/2019; and 3 stars in the Great Taste Awards 2019. Typically aged for at least 9 months

A delicate, pale, crumbly cheese – reminiscent of Caerphilly.
The flavour is mild, yet complex with a touch of citrus on the finish and cellar- ish, almost mushroomy, notes next to the natural rind. Typically aged for 2 – 4 months. Recent awards include 2 stars in the Great Taste Awards 2019; and Silver in the World Cheese Awards 2018/2019

Red Anster
A delicate, crumbly cheese – reminiscent of Caerphilly. This is the flavour added ‘sister’ cheese to Anster, with added Annatto, fresh garlic and fresh chives. The flavour is mild, with an onion flavour on the finish and cellar- ish, almost mushroomy, notes next to the natural rind.Typically aged for 2 – 4 months.

Smoked Anster
A delicate, pale, crumbly cheese – reminiscent of Caerphilly – traditionally smoked over oak chips at our local Smokery in St Monans. The flavour is mild, with gentle oak smoke. Typically aged for 2 – 4 months.

Mature Anster

A more mature version of our popular Anster crumbly cheese – the extra maturity gives a darker curd and a texture reminiscent of parmesan. The flavour is robust with a lingering finish. Typically aged for 7 – 9 months..

Isle of Kintyre by Inverloch Cheese Co.
Campbelltown, Isle of Kintyre

Waxed Truckles
A taste for every palette

An unique range of flavoured cheeses, wax wrapped to preserve their individual flavour and suitable for any occasion
The Truffler - Truffles
Gin & Tonic - Lemon, Orange and Juniper
Plain Jane - as its says
Mild Madras - Curry spices
Poacher’s Choice - Garlic
Lazy Ploughman - Caramelized Onions
Highland Chief - Whisky & Brandy
Captain’s Claret - Bordeaux Wine
Island Herb - A Mixture of Herbs
Ben Gunn - Classic Island Flavors
Laird’s Mustard - Mustard
Chilli & Tomato - Chilli & Sun-dried Tomato
Old Smokey - Smoked
Magnus’ Hammer - Vintage Cheddar
Laphroaig, Glen Scotia, Springbank - Whisky as indicated

Gigha Fruit - Apple (Highland Whisky Liquer), Orange (Orange Liquer), Pear (Pear Schnapps)

Howgate Kintyre Blue
Award-Winning Howgate® Kintyre Blue cheese is the newest addition to the Howgate® range. Made using traditional methods, this is an indulgently soft and creamy blue cheese. The curds are worked to create the perfect texture, allowing the green-blue veins to develop uniformly throughout the cheese. The cheese is ripened for two months until the delicious mild blue flavour and soft creamy texture develops. Howgate® Kintyre Blue has won several awards, including a Gold Medal at the Royal Highland Show. Not bad for a new cheese!

Lockerbie Mature Cheddar
The cheese is matured for at least 12 months. There is little to say here other than tasting it once will become a lifetime experience. This is a must for your next platter.

Connage Highland Dairy.
Milton of Connage, Ardersier, Inverness

Dunlop is pasteurised, a uniquely Scottish cheese with the recipe dating back to the 1600’s, with the 25kg cheeses traditionally cloth bound and matured for 5-7 months to create a nutty creamy taste and a moist texture. Suitable for vegetarians

Smoked Dunlop
A scrumptious dimension of our Dunlop smoked at Connage Highland Dairy dairy. The cheese is smoked using traditional methods over whisky barrel shavings and has a lovely delicious taste that smoked cheese lovers adore. Pasteurised, organic and suitable for vegetarians

Whisky Dunlop
Dunlop with the tantalizing flavour from the addition of Highland Whisky

Cromal is an organic light crumbly pasteurised cheese made at Connage Highland Dairy. The cheese has a moist open texture and a delightfully fresh lemony flavour with a lingering creamy finish which can vary subtly according to the seasons. Suitable for vegetarians


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